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- Pyramid quoting is prohibited.ApplebabeAt least you didn't deny you had dev fc's which clearly would ...2008.09.30 05:36:00
- Trolling is prohibited.Applebabe Yeah, cause those ammo bpos and that Sabre bpo totally won the day ...2008.09.30 05:28:00
- I am hitting t2 large energy weapons and fitting is a pain in the arse. Looking at this would be pre ...2008.06.12 11:40:00
- Goonies are not human beings therefore their opinion is null and they need to be banned from the for ...2008.06.12 11:38:00
- Maybe for a aditional fee. Server loads im thinking is all. But it does sound good. BTW if SOE did i ...2008.06.12 11:36:00
- When SOE had this working with eq2 it was great. I could chat to guildies while at work etc. It coul ...2008.06.12 10:41:00
- Edited by: Play Dead on 23/05/2008 10:08:04 edit: btw, xBlood you don't need sov 3 to put supercaps ...2008.05.23 10:38:00
- What happened to the irreverant, funny Goonswarm? you have to remember your motto, the internet is ...2008.05.23 07:18:00
- Game needs more gate camping titans imho ...2008.05.23 07:14:00
- Edited by: kirintar on 17/03/2008 05:46:54 What is it with the drone regions and being blobbed out ...2008.03.17 05:46:00
- What are your numbers like the few hours before and after downtime? ...2008.03.11 05:49:00
- Shame to see recon die out even though you stomped me trying to get my few assets to CR as a Frege m ...2008.03.07 00:56:00
- I realy think tri should take a step back and let this r/a blob and s/k blob have at it for a bit a ...2008.03.04 06:24:00

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