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- The Devil's Warrior Alliance is a new PvP alliance composed by players with solid pvp experience, an ...2011.04.12 21:21:00
- Edited by: Byrr on 12/04/2011 20:37:52 As a member of their current war target alliance, I can say ...2011.04.12 20:20:00
- Congratulations guys. ...2011.01.19 15:47:00
- Edited by: Byrr on 15/01/2011 18:09:57 This policy will be effective after downtime on 14 Jan 2011. ...2011.01.14 02:12:00
- Apologies if this has been addressed by I can't find it and its not in the FAQ. 1. EFT requires no ...2010.06.10 17:24:00
- Providence under CVA was NRDS. That particular brand of NRDS in practice meant that non-consensual a ...2010.03.15 17:44:00
- I ask because it was my understanding that CVA would not put someone on the KOS list for hostilities ...2010.03.13 02:07:00
- I'd keep an eye on him and proceed with the standard caution that is prudent in 0.0 space.So for exa ...2010.03.12 21:35:00
- The other side of that coin is that it let you know that anyone not on the list was not to be aggres ...2010.03.12 19:45:00
- Alright, I've seen this claim made up and down by the Terrorists and 'Anarchists' and many other o ...2010.03.12 16:44:00
- I've had good luck with this in missions, even if it looks unorthodox. With my skills I get 230 DPS ...2010.03.12 14:29:00
- Did you bother reading what I wrote?Why would major sov holders want to sell their moon goo in the ...2010.02.06 21:18:00
- Comparing Providence with their RP masters who love to play sheriff in their playpen can't be compar ...2010.02.06 18:42:00
- Except your neuts don't always have the benefit of the intel channel. So it is likely they will b ...2010.02.06 18:29:00
- Simply put, it's bad for bussiness aswel to have a NRDS policy. Because in 0.0 you cant determine if ...2010.02.06 02:33:00

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