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- I just wanted to point that this is a great tool, and we're very happy with it. Should have someth ...2011.06.17 16:19:00
- PVP is a wonderful part of EVE, in whatever shape or form it may be in.And if you don't like PVP, ...2011.05.10 20:45:00
- It should be difficult to avoid PVP in nullsec. Right now that's relatively easy due to jumpbridge ...2011.05.10 20:22:00
- In eve, you apparently cannot avoid PVP if you want to play with friends.The only way to avoid PVP i ...2011.05.10 20:15:00
- Why not allow mining barges or exhumers as well? They have large holds, exhumers can fit an okay ta ...2009.06.16 20:08:00
- How can I petition when I can't actually make the character? Rather chicken and the egg concept the ...2008.03.20 22:49:00
- I have an existing character, and I'm attempting to make a new character. However, it gets stuck on ...2008.03.20 21:39:00

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