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- Stay strong UK, this isnt the first storm you've weathered. Our people need you. ...2007.01.21 22:09:00
- Nice Photoshoping :) ...2007.01.12 17:49:00
- There are billions on one planet. We are talking trillions and trillions. ...2006.11.27 16:33:00
- Our ships are the coolest things in space, and everyone knows it. The others may be able to blow thi ...2006.07.25 12:31:00
- Xyliana, If you could have a special features section entitled'Al Haquis's views on EVE, life and b ...2006.07.25 10:13:00
- Guys, the chronicles are what constitutes prime fiction. Which means, what they say is what goes f ...2006.07.20 15:21:00
- Edited by: Khaldorn Murino on 20/07/2006 13:36:31 Glad to see you back lads. Im sure Puls4r owes m ...2006.07.20 13:36:00
- Im in an office with no air con at all. My boxers are stuck to me, I have fan which is just blowing ...2006.07.19 14:54:00
- Al Haquis Oh God Yes!, get this man on tv Get Al in front of that tube! ...2006.07.19 11:20:00
- Even tho im not a very good roleplayer, I agree. Just take it that those people are playing pompous ...2006.07.18 12:36:00
- RP is a way to make a plot when there is no plot. There is no need to create imaginary storyline in ...2006.07.18 11:09:00
- that raven wot tanked U'K (you need to get the al back to swear at ppl in a dodgy accent! ...Actual ...2006.07.17 16:02:00
- I nominate Al Haquis for EVE's most beautiful woman. ...2006.07.13 15:40:00
- Its a shame they cant start releasing the chrons, say from issue #1, and then run it like that, so t ...2006.07.13 14:09:00

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