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- Leave the game...oh wait, that is what I think I am doing anyways...getting bored... ...2009.05.21 19:18:00
- I solo'd a lvl 3 in my Drake but it was very tough. Make sure and bring plenty of ammo since it wil ...2009.04.23 12:27:00
- Cormorant - Iskural Pust Caracal - Fiddler's Lament Drake - Ap'silara's Revenge Raven - Bridgebur ...2009.04.15 12:56:00
- Just did the lvl 4 Blockade last night and the warp-in point was right in the middle of the 3 inital ...2009.04.07 12:59:00
- Originally by: PsychoSkippy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ...2009.03.31 15:52:00
- The first wormhole I scanned down lead from a .06 system in The Citadel to a .05 system in Lonetrek. ...2009.03.27 17:35:00
- I ran is shortly after Apoc and got nothing from the station, though when it did blow up several pie ...2009.03.27 15:49:00
- I have gotten the "Humble Beginnings" mission twice now from different agents (one level 4, one leve ...2009.03.17 14:43:00
- The Pleasure Hub in Silence the Informant (lvl 3), the Gallente Control Tower in Lights Out (both 1 ...2009.03.10 17:03:00
- I think the whole thing is great and it will really help me with training skills between school and ...2009.02.06 20:52:00
- When I have this mission I bring along my afterburner and after kill some of the targets in the thir ...2009.02.03 13:43:00
- Just curious if they got Motsu fixed after the mission lagfest yesterday where weapons would cycle w ...2009.01.14 13:44:00
- I set up a central mission base for myself where the level 4 missions originate from. One station c ...2009.01.07 21:00:00
- In Lvl 4 missions I use a tractor beam and salvager on my Raven and loot will fighting. Once fighti ...2008.12.29 16:51:00
- I had no problem handling the frigates with my Drake. ...2008.12.10 16:54:00

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