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- The CNR from Caldari Navy is the best ISK/LP item there is. ...2011.02.10 22:10:00
- So I've just taken my first venture into trading, and I've realized how valuable orders really are.S ...2010.01.24 09:28:00
- Edited by: Shadow''''Broker on 23/01/2010 07:11:11 25M a week seems pretty low, considering the tim ...2010.01.23 07:02:00
- Was flying 77km to a wreck containing the mission objective at 163m/s (takes forever). about 3.5km a ...2009.12.22 06:31:00
- Windsor here. ...2009.12.19 07:34:00
- Location: Amarr - Emperor Family station Price: 22M (current market price is 24M) Quantity Availab ...2009.12.09 22:48:00
- I have encountered an empty pod in an asteroid belt once. I was even able to board it. It was the st ...2009.09.10 21:26:00
- In my experience, the "Show all" filter does work, it just doesn't change the name of the selected f ...2009.09.05 15:55:00
- The in-game "EHP" number uses your lowest resist on each layer, while EFT uses an even mix of all da ...2009.08.28 07:59:00
- I totally agree with the OP. Trading in EVE is so ridiculous! I place an order and after I come back ...2009.08.27 16:10:00
- My hypothesis:CPP creates Dust 514 and works out all the major bugs. They later transfer everything ...2009.08.21 06:34:00
- The magnetic flux generated by the wormholes is causing interference with the jumpgates? ...2009.03.12 00:12:00
- My 0.02 ISK:I would say that the Amarr skillbook is correct. Figure in that the price of that book i ...2009.03.11 05:47:00
- They fire metal pancakes. ...2009.03.03 00:31:00
- I just had a problem like this. How I fixed it:Go to your EVE program directory, start EVE using the ...2009.03.01 08:37:00

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