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- hell yeh ...2010.05.13 19:05:00
- So in a year we are going to be having 10k v 10k battles and asking for fleet sizes to be increased ...2010.02.16 13:01:00
- There is nothing wrong with blobbing and they will be the same size no matter what the fleet limit i ...2010.02.16 10:24:00
- Dont be a fool. All your will ever do is reinstate local in a slicker form that resembles a scanning ...2009.12.18 22:32:00
- 1. Large Projectiles - the tracking is absurdly slow and the range is very short. So you basically h ...2009.04.18 17:07:00
- now to get payed :) ...2009.01.24 20:40:00
- 80mil ISK in on U'K wining. I love this bet muhahahah. ...2009.01.24 18:14:00
- 80mil ISK in. I love this bet muhahahah. ...2009.01.24 14:36:00
- people need to see who saved them and who trid to save them. ...2008.12.13 23:39:00
- this is so obvious why didn't I think of it before? ...2008.12.05 18:04:00
- CCP face it a skill Q Will not reduce gameplay. having to login is nothing but inconvenience.It's ti ...2008.12.05 17:59:00
- needed for those for us who have to go away for long periods of time cos of work. ...2008.11.12 12:59:00
- I wonder why they are the rarest capital shipsbut seriously what sort of advantage is it to have a s ...2008.09.05 20:50:00
- Edited by: wavre on 25/08/2008 16:12:08 ...2008.08.25 16:12:00
- 500% from an MWD dam thats low. ...2008.07.31 07:56:00

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