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- 8 accounts expired, not renewing1 left and counting down, not renewing/wave ...2011.06.27 17:18:00
- So, on a serious note...There is soon to be a "Space" game released that will no doubt bleed some ...2011.05.01 22:15:00
- Can I has all of EVEs stuff? ...2011.05.01 22:04:00
- If you log 14 hours a day, you can afford plexs for multiple accounts, simple as that.Umm right, I ...2011.05.01 21:24:00
- Hi guys.What do you think?I think, you need to take more time to understand what you are talking ab ...2011.05.01 21:19:00
- I thought Loot Tables were something that was going to be added in the Captains Quarters so we can s ...2011.04.28 20:49:00
- I would urge the Transport Ship route (Blockade Runner) for 3 reasons, 1.) You can run the low sec ...2011.04.27 11:44:00
- It is Global Warming, the belts are all melting.. ...2011.04.26 14:14:00
- I use Eve-MEEP, look for it in this forum ...2011.04.26 14:08:00
- These might be nice... but when I opened them and ran in to the black on dark blue row that did n ...2011.04.26 13:20:00
- Edited by: Minarete on 25/04/2011 13:39:11 I have an interesting issue.I have 9 Full APIs plugged i ...2011.04.25 13:33:00
- I reserve the bid for 1 Isk if it goes that low ...2011.04.25 07:53:00
- What you are expecting is for everyone to know all of the facts that you did not take the time to ...2011.04.24 08:23:00
- Warp to ZERO on a moonRight click Tower or other module in cargo hold and use the "Launch for Corp ...2011.04.24 07:51:00
- Edited by: Minarete on 23/04/2011 16:15:30 ok I did a little experiment trying to figure out how mu ...2011.04.23 16:14:00

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