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- Of course, I should have said 'combat benefit'. Being harder to probe just helps you avoid combat. A ...2011.06.16 15:59:00
- That's my 2 cents after the viewing spectacular of Day 2 where most matches seemed to have at least ...2011.06.16 13:34:00
- I can't believe your alliance leaders let you post on community forums ...2011.06.12 19:33:00
- The AUR shop only accepts AUR, not ISK. AUR is parts of PLEX. Hopefully this isn't the case and th ...2011.06.11 19:51:00
- Don't much care, as long as the sec hit is small (significantly smaller than for lowsec GCC actions) ...2011.06.09 18:28:00
- ronin made it to finals in a previous tournament, i forget if they won or were second place ;O R0NI ...2011.06.08 08:43:00
- Also, needs more dots. ...2011.06.02 20:00:00
- SUPER CAPS, LOL ...2011.05.21 11:38:00
- So the largest alliance in the game doesn't get in while a well known alt alliance does?R0NIN are al ...2011.05.20 18:10:00
- the troll. it is meant to be on a diet. ...2011.05.16 10:10:00
- Not sufficient fix by itself, but in combination with other changes sure. ...2011.05.14 12:38:00
- +1 damn those multispecs! Is this supposed to be funny?Somehow I missed the punchline in this pathe ...2011.04.18 16:03:00
- If you were expecting bots to drive inflation I think you have a fundamental misconception about t ...2011.04.06 16:49:00
- Why exactly is it so desirable to have empire carebears become nullsec carebears? They're still usel ...2011.04.05 11:03:00
- Nullsec rampage! **** poster in hyperbole shocker! ...2011.04.04 09:42:00

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