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- who the hell am I?Tressy's bitter alt yes ...2010.05.16 16:16:00
- Honestly its ridiculous to do cap fights when the servers are wonky like thisDamn, these forums suck ...2010.04.03 00:57:00
- F-HAIL ...2010.03.03 19:51:00
- Free hat! ...2010.02.28 23:28:00
- So Mittens likes to post with Sir Muhammed, but Kartoon holds the account, interesting. Just sayin' ...2010.02.03 19:21:00
- The thing I find interesting about this whole affair is the level of chest beating. Just looking at ...2010.01.30 07:22:00
- Just stop with this lame "we don't care/we are terrible" propaganda. We have all seen the tears an ...2010.01.30 05:42:00
- I just love the way Windypops and Snot Shot froth in such a flailing and unimpressive way. You both ...2010.01.30 04:57:00
- Topic thief. ...2010.01.28 09:49:00
- Where's Mittens?! ...2010.01.26 11:45:00
- You wouldnt by chance be implying you earnt delve would you You have "earnt" an "A" in English i ...2010.01.11 09:52:00
- rabble rabble... PL: Hope the next chapter for u is a good one. your members have been waiting a lon ...2010.01.10 22:12:00
- Guess who's going to be next.Yeah! Go MAX on us please! Tell us SILENCE! Then go and dock in npc s ...2010.01.10 21:24:00
- Clown car runs over the spartan...epic, thats what happens when you steal sigs I guess. ^^ ...2010.01.03 18:25:00
- soooo when are all these ***gots gonna be quitting??? ...2010.01.03 10:21:00

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