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- If your definition of solo is with an alt than 2 of these should work pretty well 1600mm Reinforced ...2011.03.05 22:50:00
- I, as a member of The Hull Tanking Elitists, fully endorse this product and/or service. We have been ...2011.02.25 07:39:00
- People are afraid of pirates. Now, pirates usually like stealing stuff off ships, or finding buried ...2010.10.22 06:18:00
- Note : EVE doesn't take place in space, but in some extremely weird fluid I mean, seriously, look ...2010.10.14 23:10:00
- So anyone know of any good games out right now? ...2010.10.12 19:44:00
- we have standards.DAMRIGHT ...2010.10.12 04:37:00
- Nope not one use, move along now. ...2010.10.08 05:55:00
- Edited by: How2FoldSoup on 03/10/2010 22:53:50 Best read everEdit: Posting in a ghost thread ...2010.10.03 22:35:00
- Bringing this back up for great justice.Your right lowsec just isn't what it used to be. When i firs ...2010.09.21 23:03:00
- Edited by: How2FoldSoup on 01/09/2010 02:10:52 "I bet she gives great Tortugan" Spaceballs"I better ...2010.09.01 02:09:00
- It says it all right here in the blog"(3) You may not use macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or ...2010.09.01 00:31:00
- Well i believe what your looking for is a Loki that does 400ish dps and has a 600ish dps tank.Lookin ...2010.06.11 04:54:00
- omen can't do this : Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Damage Control II 800mm Reinforced ...2010.06.10 00:15:00
- I approve of this action and/or service. ...2010.06.02 05:29:00
- While it may be a little harder, pressing alt-tab gets you to your next character. Just in case you ...2010.05.28 05:19:00

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