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- it was pretty impossible to reproduce my old look, so I went for a new one Before and nowI liked be ...2011.01.25 14:30:00
- need to download a new macro, uh? otherwise this question makes no sense, I mean it takes like 3 doc ...2011.01.22 18:33:00
- This makes no sense, for each race there are 3 bloodlines. If im not wrong theres an asian-looking b ...2011.01.22 18:31:00
- EVE Online seems to be a nvidia game...if you are not playing other games I suggest you get a nvidia ...2011.01.22 17:48:00
- You might want to read even few of the latest topics on the board before posting, but hey.Your C++ r ...2011.01.21 14:51:00
- Edited by: Dani WH on 20/01/2011 13:24:32 You guys need a graphics card that supports Shader Model ...2011.01.20 13:22:00
- exact same problem here, I copied my EVE folder to another laptop (windows XP) but won't start after ...2011.01.20 13:13:00
- Since usually all faces look human and decent now (not like before), I guess they are just randomizi ...2011.01.18 14:56:00
- too late? lol... ...2011.01.18 12:56:00
- Because we all know everyone has a couple hundred Euro just waiting to be spent on a short ...2011.01.18 12:39:00
- I wouldn't say a 2004 computer is a jurassic machine...Should we buy a new rig every year or what?It ...2011.01.18 12:31:00
- I endorse this product or service ...2011.01.18 10:39:00
- im on a Pentium 4 and a FX5200 (shader model 2.0)is my rig able to run the next expansion? I could b ...2011.01.18 10:21:00
- I know a couple of guys who play on a FX5200 which doesn't support shader model 3.They may unsubscri ...2011.01.17 18:02:00
- Confirming shader model 3.0 is gonna be a must after January 18 ...2011.01.14 19:08:00

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