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- I cleared my eve chache, and also updated my nvidia drivers. This worked for a couple of days where ...2010.09.05 04:05:00
- I have the very same issue. XP gave me many options, Win7 I have about 3.Win7 x64 2x geforce 8800G ...2010.09.01 08:04:00
- Hrmmmm... this makes 2 EFT updates in a row with too many bugs. I'll stick with v2.9.1 for now, but ...2009.09.11 23:41:00
- I'd venture to guess that the Station Vault's primary intended purpose was to allow one to easily so ...2009.03.19 19:07:00
- ..and I want to do /facepalm You should take some basic economy class, especially learn what happen ...2009.03.13 18:27:00
- helps if you hit the reply to topic button first before talking, not the new topic button. ...2009.03.11 05:47:00
- Get a better ISP. ...2009.03.11 05:42:00
- I'm not really looking for fotm I'm just trying to figure out which skill racial will give me the bi ...2009.03.11 05:02:00
- So somehow you can't get to this page? ...2009.03.11 03:03:00
- What version do you have then? ...2009.03.11 02:56:00
- Run EVE, when it asks you to patch it (if it gives that option), say no, then hit escape to bring up ...2009.03.11 02:46:00
- LinkageThat's the link if you had the latest client running as of yesterday. ...2009.03.11 02:32:00
- Oh wow, I didn't think of that. Wait, I did. Neither has the latest client/patches. It's there, tha ...2009.03.11 02:31:00
- IDK, might try looking to the left side of your screen where it says "EVE DOWNLOAD".Under that menu, ...2009.03.11 02:22:00
- Edited by: deepfreeze007 on 09/03/2009 15:39:32 epic moronic whine TL;DRTBH, you just sound like a ...2009.03.09 15:37:00

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