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- But each one of those sheep is a real person (with 5 or 6 accounts most likely) who is genuinely int ...2011.08.03 22:02:00
- Edited by: OHU812 on 28/07/2011 14:53:26You're wasting your time dude.They've answered what they gon ...2011.08.03 21:46:00
- Edited by: Vincent Athena on 02/08/2011 21:39:49 Edited by: Vincent Athena on 02/08/2011 21:35:23 ...2011.08.03 00:30:00
- political parties in EVE would only work if members of said party are willing to cancel subs wheneve ...2011.08.01 16:46:00
- who gives a **** out medals? I mean really there are so many more important things to look atPeopl ...2011.08.01 16:29:00
- It doesn't really matter if they; don't spend hours playing the game, use more than one client or ha ...2011.08.01 01:08:00
- 0/10 needs way more 'no one is forcing you', I'd also suggest you make a vid/animation where you hol ...2011.07.31 07:48:00
- I've lost track of what CCP said about stations, either all will be the 'same' with options for shop ...2011.07.30 11:48:00
- No need when the new old new forums go live and these are mothballed every user can be thier own mod ...2011.07.30 00:03:00
- Edited by: Kerrisone on 01/08/2011 00:06:53 Kerrisone,2,17,38,83,84,98,102 ...2011.07.29 19:39:00
- Whatever the total AURUM gold payout is will remain in my wallet, I had planned to keep it at 0 but ...2011.07.28 09:50:00
- Is this blog a replacement for the QEN?We will change the format of the QEN but this devblog and the ...2011.07.28 08:57:00
- They prioritized the NEX and making money along with conditioning players to become comsumers in EVE ...2011.07.28 08:53:00
- Edited by: dexington on 28/07/2011 00:49:58 We pay them to make the expansions...The software licen ...2011.07.28 08:35:00
- No we paid for them to make all the content with our subs they want more money to let us have parts ...2011.07.28 00:28:00

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