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- o/ long time no see. Very good stuff! DO IT NAO! ...2010.12.01 12:31:00
- So right now, only Ankh, Mynxee and myself are truly deserving of CSM badges. Sok in particular need ...2010.07.19 18:42:00
- lulz Or at least, I have my suspicions. Now that is lulz. But yeah, I'm waiting for my sub to run ...2010.07.13 10:37:00
- Relevant.Step 1: found "team batman" Step 2: task team batman with fixing one or two niggling issues ...2010.07.13 08:44:00
- I don't think I ever gotmto the point of actually supporting this, but after reading the minutes fro ...2010.07.13 08:34:00
- Is this where I can vent about my opinions on the game and believe that the CEO actually reads them ...2010.07.13 08:30:00
- u mad? (that you got called out for targetting the person consistently trying to - usually politely ...2010.07.12 15:18:00
- Yeah, how dare that guy have the gall to respond to people at their own level while simultaneously ...2010.07.12 12:29:00
- No, we are all sipping pina coladas in the lobby. Man, this guy is so stupid you could perform a lo ...2010.07.12 10:38:00
- Definitely contact a game master about this via petition.Oh come on, he shouldn't get it back. If yo ...2010.07.09 23:21:00
- So, here's a funny little fact:Ankh was booted from CSM because she breached the NDA. In other words ...2010.07.08 23:43:00
- yeah that bugged me too, the only people who ever see those warnings are the ones paying to see it e ...2010.06.29 13:31:00
- Target painting helps turret boats aswell. Less tracking issues. Also a small ship tackled and targe ...2010.06.29 12:40:00
- Also ammo.Do drones count as ammo? Because I also want those saved. ...2010.06.26 23:56:00
- You seriously need to get a proper Internet connection. That way, you can download a spell/grammar c ...2010.06.22 15:23:00

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