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- I attend as well. Although I am in the SAP program and continuing onwards to SET. No, teachers won ...2010.02.02 02:45:00
- you can turn high-sec off by war-deccing someone.You can not wardec the NPC corps. ...2010.01.15 13:40:00
- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ...2010.01.15 13:28:00
- So I watched this russkie in a mack jet canning ice, i sat there flipping his can then popping it. ...2010.01.14 00:14:00
- All these hulk losses and the botter in Yarebap (Sm2) is still there, botting away. ...2010.01.12 10:49:00
- Quitters never win? ...2010.01.12 08:25:00
- You can post it where it belongs in the first place, with, or without the plug.~~ ...2010.01.12 08:19:00
- Reading comprehension involves a few basic steps.* Have you checked to see if you were in the right ...2010.01.12 03:36:00
- What you have right now - is rampant ganking because of this event. This demonstrates that the pen ...2010.01.11 13:40:00
- I remember being unable to play on high pop servers due to the *massive lag*. CCP > Wow. ...2010.01.11 05:27:00
- If you want to test your ship/setup/fittings/implants/whateverServer: Singularity (Sisi). System: ...2010.01.09 08:19:00
- When I started playing, I didn't have anyone to help me and I didn't *really* know about the forums ...2010.01.09 06:48:00
- Here's my setup.. Yeah its a PvE buffer tank, Nightmare doesn't need a huge tank so I just buffer it ...2010.01.09 05:41:00
- no skills are bad for you. ...2010.01.09 03:18:00
- Open Corp hangar and you'll see a button "Unrent office" ...2010.01.08 20:50:00

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