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- Edited by: u gotjacked2 on 03/01/2011 19:07:09 So what im getting from all of this is T3vsOfficer= ...2011.01.03 19:03:00
- Well if a legion can take one down thats excelent news. Now in terms of the rumors id rather be prep ...2010.12.29 02:07:00
- Edited by: u gotjacked2 on 28/12/2010 22:05:35 So I am currently ratting in NPC space to try to get ...2010.12.28 22:03:00
- I do support this decisoon. However i think it is only fair that each player be awarded a million is ...2010.05.14 22:55:00
- I see but i am still VERY set on armor tanked, laser firing ship. Is it really worthwhile to train f ...2010.04.25 04:06:00
- Edited by: u gotjacked2 on 25/04/2010 00:25:42 Hello I am thinking of starting the process out of s ...2010.04.25 00:13:00
- If you did miss a training mission then you may be able to continue eve without, and u may find the ...2010.04.15 00:59:00
- Edited by: u gotjacked2 on 10/04/2010 23:14:51 I may not know this mission well, but assuming this ...2010.04.10 23:03:00
- Can someone please tell me a good place to start looking for wormholes? ...2010.04.02 01:41:00
- Edited by: u gotjacked2 on 24/03/2010 00:52:21 when u think bout it though, missiles are fast and c ...2010.03.24 00:52:00
- Intersting how simple such an effective system is. My only question is what are they gonna make now ...2010.03.24 00:38:00
- If we are able to walk around stations/ our own ships then we should also be able to go on other pla ...2010.03.24 00:14:00

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