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- Edited by: Hobgoblin ll on 02/08/2009 18:37:08 There are many good corps, More Cowbell, Pervs, Hell ...2009.08.02 18:36:00
- Here is a brief battle report. Gallente came to Tama to kill the Overview Glitch pos. As already p ...2009.08.01 07:29:00
- Now I do like some of the guys in ... Maybe you like them a bit more than you admit. It is qui ...2009.07.29 19:25:00
- WGAFThe net effect is the same, one less capital on the battlefield. Oh noes my internet spaceships ...2009.07.27 22:56:00
- They do more damage if the target is close. Because then they have more fuel, which intensifies the ...2009.07.26 01:27:00
- Whats the point of it ? Pay 1 bil for a ship that sucks compared to a raven ? Nice comedyfit tho. ...2009.07.23 11:19:00
- overview glitch is teh lose hellique is much better ...2009.07.20 11:51:00
- confirmed, i'm a solo player too (i play the market in jita solo) and i'm not affected ...2009.07.16 19:17:00
- I'm very worried looking at that blog, looks like they're going to attract a back a lot of the kind ...2009.07.14 17:14:00
- You mean offers only from FW npc corps (example Tribal Liberation Force) or also from all other fact ...2009.07.14 10:21:00
- I could not resist this ... so, BOB goes to do Faction Warfare, and CCP starts finally to work on i ...2009.07.14 10:14:00
- I love to eat potatoes with fish and garlic. ...2009.07.11 20:35:00
- Wow what a drama. It's such a nice medal, and only 4224 distinguished people received it, and you wi ...2009.07.11 14:53:00
- Don't join corps that kick without warning. Ask the CEO to give you the chance to leave the corp by ...2009.07.10 19:38:00
- How about a faction dreadnought with 4 capital weapons, to better cope with the carrier plague ? ...2009.07.06 15:41:00

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