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- Machine Info OS version: Vista Home Premium x64 CPU: Core 2 Duo @ 2.26GHz GPU: GeForce 9600M ...2011.03.31 21:35:00
- Onoez, and here i thought that for once CCP realized that the new improvement is not much of an impr ...2011.03.28 19:50:00
- One way to solve the problem would be to seed different constellations differently. Like, if a "crui ...2011.03.28 19:46:00
- Nope, they still look like random polygons and you have to stop and look at a specific one to tell i ...2011.03.18 07:11:00
- Edited by: Pesets on 16/03/2011 21:21:21 Its still game mechanics regardless of the new and inventi ...2011.03.16 21:20:00
- If you trained a skill you don't find useful anymore, tough luck. You made your choice and should ha ...2011.03.16 21:00:00
- Edited by: Pesets on 16/03/2011 07:39:04 Edited by: Renan Ruivo on 15/03/2011 11:59:11 I take your ...2011.03.16 07:36:00
- Leave the patches for manual download, there was nothing wrong with the old system, all you're doing ...2011.03.16 07:20:00
- So now i get a full-size preview of the portrait in character creator, which is definitely awesome. ...2011.03.16 07:14:00
- Because very few will test fits people actually use on Tranquility when everyone and their dog's mot ...2011.03.16 07:01:00
- These aren't the dungeons you're thinking of. They're called "deadspace pockets" in-game. ...2011.03.16 06:52:00
- I would assume Duality will be running the same version as Singularity, in which case all you need i ...2011.03.16 06:47:00
- The new icons don't really match the style of the rest of the icons, and aren't even consistent amon ...2011.03.14 02:57:00
- Knowing this, I will prove to all you that if you choose to participate in the market at a productio ...2011.01.02 00:59:00
- Their choice was in part based on how appropriate the ship would look within Eve universe. One could ...2011.01.01 00:34:00

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