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- Esceem,75,87,77,20,14,23,67,102,119,46 ...2011.07.24 21:08:00
- It is a positive sign and a step into the right direction. Many thanks to the CSM members for your e ...2011.07.02 18:12:00
- CCP Zulu, I'll make it plain and simple, just for you:STOP THE GREED! ...2011.06.27 10:59:00
- Ill watch what you do not what you say.This. ...2011.06.26 21:39:00
- - On log in, the "loading" screen (blurry balcony view) only disappears after switching to desktop a ...2011.06.25 16:37:00
- Custom Office still switches to different colours when zooming or moving camera. However, pink actua ...2010.06.29 18:54:00
- Meh, sorry CCP, but the new sun graphics are very disappointing imho. May we have the old ones back ...2010.05.26 22:01:00
- Curson, in fact, anything has to do with anything since you asked what ppl think about WF and that's ...2007.11.02 23:37:00
- I know Wieting, and I invested in him already a few times and never got disappointed so far. He alwa ...2007.11.02 21:36:00

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