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- Yes, we are involved in Caldari FW at the moment. ...2011.01.22 06:51:00
- Edited by: Cypherous on 14/01/2011 23:16:07 I like fishies. ...2011.01.14 23:12:00
- Hope you'll join us. :) ...2011.01.13 21:54:00
- We've been growing a lot, and would love to see even more quality people join! ...2011.01.11 05:11:00
- Please consider joining us in LoJ, Ste'ven. We won't get you in 0.0 space immediately and we might ...2011.01.10 16:35:00
- This is a great group of players and I'm glad to be a part of LoJ ...2011.01.04 08:29:00
- Indeed info please CCP your newsletter promised as yet unknown information and so far we have nothin ...2010.08.03 11:05:00
- Again thanks verone for an awesome evening, we need to make sure the next one has a higher turnout, ...2010.08.01 12:05:00
- press alt + enterYeah, yeah, I'm not talking about running it in windowed mode. I'm talking about th ...2010.07.29 00:08:00
- Yes because the primae is the greatest ship for moving PI goods around, oh wait it isn't :PI foresee ...2010.07.24 13:48:00
- The green on the top is ugly as sin, the "small text" above each console isn't readable on my screen ...2010.07.24 13:18:00
- Meh why not gives me something to do while AFK'ing level 4's lolPoke me if you see me online :) ...2010.07.23 12:17:00
- If memory serves you used to have a feature like this in beta which was removed, chances are they ju ...2010.07.22 12:25:00
- Simple answer you can't because the corp deliveries don't have tabs :) ...2010.07.19 10:45:00
- People still play FPS games on the PC in 2010?I mean...what's the point?Need a dispenser here.Spy sa ...2010.07.15 10:17:00

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