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- All to often I find many Matari find it easier to define what is not Matari. Anything outside they'r ...2011.05.14 20:39:00
- I'm there ...2011.02.18 21:25:00
- Its nice to see Veto's loyalty recognised if not rewarded. ...2010.08.24 17:22:00
- Huzzah only a 3 month gap between meetsConsider me attending ...2010.08.10 17:57:00
- *Robert grins*I guess we just refused an offer we couldn't refuse. ...2010.06.28 16:51:00
- hopefully the memory of the last hangover will have faded enough for me to attend ...2010.04.15 15:16:00
- So what, no one had a spare supercarrier this time?Sounds more like assassin with few scruples than ...2010.03.25 16:26:00
- So in the space of a month a couple of EM corporations have not only prevented the complete overun o ...2010.01.09 23:40:00
- Feel free to bring her round to the Last GateI'd be fascinated to see how many big tough pirates go ...2009.12.14 14:39:00
- So not so much revenge served cold and more at a pleasent 38 degrees. Fascinating.Oh and how anyone ...2009.09.25 09:45:00
- Now if Heth would just get the heck out, we might actually avoid another full-blown Gallente-Caldari ...2009.08.16 20:34:00
- Edited by: Robert Kauliford on 10/08/2009 13:57:25 Hmm wow I guess is all I can sayI had a fantasti ...2009.08.10 13:52:00
- First of I must say a large thank you to the sister Nihil for hosting what turned into one of the mo ...2009.08.09 09:22:00
- As one who has dabbled with the faith myself I'd say the Starkmanir were more not less likely. Faith ...2009.08.06 15:53:00
- Veto was drunk? I don't remember thatWas awesome as always ...2009.08.02 10:33:00

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