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- C) is tanked to battleship specs Incorrect. A nanoBS does *NOT* have a tank, because almost every ...2007.07.03 14:49:00
- I'd personally prefer the butane type lighter. I use a Zippo but the buggered thing is always dryin ...2007.07.03 13:05:00
- CCP, when, by all that's holy or not, WHEN are you going to take steps to kick macro/farmers in the ...2007.07.03 12:37:00
- CCP could easily implement ways to allow the 'live' player base to combat the 'macro' or barely-aliv ...2007.07.03 12:33:00
- Easy solution... Well, maybe not easy, but hella lot more revealing:Place modules being used against ...2007.07.03 12:25:00
- Caldari solo boats:Cruise Raven w/ a good pilot. Drake - Slow as sin, but take enough punishment to ...2007.07.02 12:24:00
- There are macro hunting channels used in game... find one, log in, and listen in.Mind, though, that ...2007.07.02 11:50:00
- 1) To make a copy: Select the bookmark(s) you wish to copy (maximum of 5 at a time). Hold down the ...2007.06.26 12:11:00
- Simple fix, we've had it on the forums for years... *filters*I can't say cr*ck, ni**er, or any of a ...2007.06.23 21:21:00
- Long story short I got greedy, headed back out hopping to steal some more before they noticed again ...2007.06.17 14:26:00
- Why does it even have turret hardpoints? No need to gimp cargo loading abilities if it can't mine a ...2007.06.16 21:21:00
- I'm about to jump into a heavily camped low sec system. I'm in a stabbed, nano'd, rigged firetail.Wh ...2007.06.16 21:06:00
- Having all the UI info on another display (same monitor or another monitor) that would not be record ...2007.06.13 21:33:00
- A: Be a member of BoB. B: All other requirments are moot. ...2007.06.09 13:14:00
- Identify these corps, their members, the activities that identify them as macroers (they're in every ...2007.06.09 13:13:00

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