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- If you ever accept such surrender on such conditions, you can walk away anyway. As it is done in p ...2010.02.01 06:58:00
- * paging Czech Lion because of his great "blocks @ conflict" mapI was summoned. Here you go :) Nume ...2010.01.25 07:47:00
- Great guys, lot of fun with or against them, when they start they language, i dont understand anythi ...2010.01.25 07:40:00
- Quality poast, as I support every statistic in eve. I ♥ numbers ...2010.01.03 21:22:00
- I am interested in the bobby atlas corpse, convo me in game ...2009.12.30 17:09:00
- I died there, so sad day for me and eve Anyways most of our fleet couldnt lock anything so both side ...2009.12.15 23:31:00
- Iam sure that if some corp are banned in for ctas and forums due to being announced as spy nests wi ...2009.12.14 08:06:00
- Sov is takebla from today Originally Posted by CCP Chronotis No, that is not what it means at all. ...2009.12.08 15:26:00
- yeah me f*cked as well. Great. ...2009.12.08 14:42:00
- Biggest noobs ive ever metCongratulation friends ...2009.11.26 15:01:00
- there is only one team that had apoc navy abaddon apocx2 and some others that got me interested be ...2009.09.08 09:06:00
- Well the difference in the description:WRONG: "Ethereal Dawn was founded two years ago and takes it ...2009.09.05 16:34:00
- one for "Czech Lion" ...2009.04.15 08:36:00
- Edited by: Czech Lion on 10/03/2009 18:33:21the patcher is both online and offline, if it finds the ...2009.03.10 18:33:00
- One for "Czech Lion"thx ...2009.02.10 11:21:00

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