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- So deluded, they'll buy you and slap whatever sticker they want on their property and you'll go to y ...2011.08.30 14:58:00
- They're crafty those russians, thinking longterm when China dictate world politics they'll put forth ...2011.08.29 17:02:00
- Southland Ice Company. ...2011.08.27 23:19:00
- Will treat Steam as a warning sticker in the future, got my bought and paid for copy of L4D2 but can ...2011.08.17 21:25:00
- I have to say, Kevin J Anderson is the worst thing to ever happen to Star Wars. He's come up with s ...2011.08.12 21:21:00
- Not rioting in London 'cause I can't burn it all down. ...2011.08.12 09:14:00
- What did he say that was racist? Seriously, don't be so fast to play that card.At 6'6 and 410lb's, I ...2011.08.10 16:11:00
- Anything even Russia over Texas. ...2011.08.10 15:58:00
- Having watched a bit of footage, and looked at pics from the riots.... Is it some kind of law in the ...2011.08.10 15:50:00
- Interesting how CNN makes no mention of the 3 dead in the riots so far, is it wild guessing it's bec ...2011.08.10 13:31:00
- Credit to the police for not opening up on the rioters already in unilateral moves but abiding by po ...2011.08.09 17:12:00
- England is a postindustrial wasteland as is, see it as the riots burning buildings to open up for ne ...2011.08.09 16:51:00
- Maneaters of all species are typically tracked down and killed, they've got a taste for us and found ...2011.08.07 23:50:00
- Ugh, the album that spawned the whole watered-down shallowness of commercial grunge, and is responsi ...2011.08.06 17:14:00
- <grump>Bah. Nirvana was just another passing fad boy band.</grump>Yes they in no small way defined ...2011.08.06 17:01:00

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