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- The primary feature in Dominion is the change to Sovereignty which effects "end game" players...I co ...2009.11.23 05:43:00
- Is this the reason that so many of my corp members are complaining about this error message, a lot: ...2008.09.08 23:33:00
- I... uhh.. *cough* Umm... I also need a 5b ISK loan... plz. THX. ...2008.09.08 23:29:00
- I don't understand why you have to open a port to use this program.Going to guess it pulls it's mark ...2008.09.08 21:25:00
- I don't understand why you have to open a port to use this program. ...2008.09.08 20:22:00
- Don't ask me why I didn't just do a contract IDK. But I did now and got the $$ to char. BTW it was ...2008.09.06 15:50:00
- Trial accounts do not have posting rights on the forums.Please file a petition here under the reimbu ...2008.09.04 22:21:00
- My comp is a pos and I can't run 2 clients at once! I have done this before in the past but ever sin ...2008.09.04 21:26:00
- Yes I am dead seroius. I have lost over 5m trying to buy overpriced sell orders from my new char (th ...2008.09.04 21:12:00
- Is transferring money to another character on you're account illegal?I have tried more than five tim ...2008.09.04 21:04:00
- I think you will get a lot of people with you ring tables. That's exactly what I'm looking for, I de ...2008.09.02 17:58:00
- OK I just logged back on and now with NOTHING fitted, I can log out... weird? ...2008.02.05 01:02:00
- My Rupture was damaged and I quick warped to station in .6 space. Well the station has no repair sho ...2008.02.05 00:32:00

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