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- molea p2m1? maybe we will ...2009.09.27 22:58:00
- sorry idiots, post started by goons to brodcast their first? win in a while. that being said, good s ...2009.09.27 22:45:00
- c'mon general windypops, you can do better than that ...2009.09.24 22:02:00
- If you're going to recruit someone, find out their real life identity, phone number, cell phone numb ...2009.09.24 21:19:00
- you're right of course; however i was specifically regarding the physiology of humans as opposed to ...2009.09.24 21:02:00
- p. sure it had to do with blue list snobberyyou can check the thread yourself ...2009.09.24 20:52:00
- I hear if you mix red and blue together they make purple.It does! In the context of harvesting corp ...2009.09.24 20:44:00
- Edited by: Ahistaja on 24/09/2009 20:21:31 the best thing about blue list snobbery is that it revea ...2009.09.24 20:19:00
- hi sk rooster, hi dice dude, hi general windypopsgood to see you all posting again ...2009.09.24 01:48:00
- oh boy another newbie corp tax thread, how remarkable ...2009.09.22 21:58:00
- Pax Sex needs to post in this thread, just sayin ...2009.09.22 21:37:00
- john wayne gacy allianceoh wow ...2009.09.22 21:23:00
- Trolling isn't dead, but too many people decided bad posting qualified as trolling so it is having a ...2009.09.20 15:15:00
- OP doesn't want to fight. He wants to prove Goons don't follow through on their whole 'religion' thi ...2009.09.17 02:16:00
- *edit One more thing. You just got served. i dunno, i think goons have a better words to tears ...2009.09.16 02:03:00

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