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- I've logged on twice now with the new patch. Each time it takes less than 5 minutes from my client ...2011.04.07 06:16:00
- Does it really matter about boosts to low, 0.0, and worm hole mining if the mineral prices are so lo ...2010.03.02 20:09:00
- How about another capital Exhumer that could deploy itself (in a similar fashion to a Rorqual) and t ...2010.01.14 20:04:00
- The is only one certain fact about EVE and CCP. If players start doing things to other players that ...2010.01.12 19:44:00
- Here are some facts. Hulks are 250 MISK and trit has gone from 2.2 to almost 3.0 isk in the past tw ...2010.01.12 19:32:00
- Edited by: Jim Ned on 14/01/2010 20:11:47 POS structure that can broadcast a D-scan over a corp lik ...2010.01.12 18:55:00
- Tried that already and it was still too far to fly manually without a bookmark. ...2010.01.12 18:40:00
- No, I want a high slot that can't be used for a strip miner that I can fit a cloak on. Maybe make a ...2010.01.12 18:34:00
- Pardon my physics, but isn't that EM damage? And by the way, some one should inform CCP that 1 AU i ...2010.01.12 18:23:00
- Mines do cause lag. You know how bad it is in a 100 ship skirmish. Now imagine ever system like th ...2010.01.12 18:15:00
- And add a warp to distance value with that as well. It would be nice to get a d-scan on a ship then ...2010.01.12 18:09:00
- Just like everything, CCP will probably put the number of WH in ratio with the number of active acco ...2010.01.12 18:01:00
- I want a T3 mining ship so bad, I can taste it. I'm going to preach a little, and most the people h ...2010.01.12 17:42:00

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