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- 460 million ...2008.02.19 15:01:00
- I think the vision of Kali is something we will not expect. Here's a scenario.Cataclysmic invasion ...2006.01.07 01:51:00
- I tend to agree with Verone on this one, EXCEPT for the fact of where it came from. I am becoming a ...2005.10.01 21:48:00
- Krolen.It's safe to say that you are a carebear.I'm going to kill you if I ever see you. It's my du ...2005.10.01 21:22:00
- I believe that Jove space is the future opportunity. Look at the conjecture and suppositions it gen ...2005.09.28 03:22:00
- ... we made a choice to be neg sec and therefore should stay in low sec righ? Thats a bit hipocritic ...2005.09.23 01:45:00
- Edited by: Repossessed on 21/09/2005 21:29:51 More carebears whining about how life is so ****ing h ...2005.09.21 21:27:00
- To the Op, and in spite of all the formulas, there is a very good reason guided missle precision doe ...2005.09.08 01:31:00
- Think you could sell it for more if you deliver it(that's alot of trit to move even in an indy V. L ...2005.08.20 23:04:00
- "In other news today, the Republic of China invaded Iceland to destroy the evil threat of PVP on the ...2005.08.20 02:29:00
- Yes to seeing laser usings having to take time to change crystals. And they complain about Faction ...2005.08.18 04:10:00
- 32 million. ...2005.08.16 02:37:00
- Edited by: Repossessed on 13/08/2005 23:09:14 Hmmmm, how do I tread in this wonderful post. Everyo ...2005.08.13 23:05:00
- Just for those that HAVEN'T been around, this thread is following a pattern of such wonderful posts ...2005.08.13 22:57:00
- Meh, leave the mechanics the same. Let the ore thieves steal, let miners jetcan mine, and use some ...2005.08.02 21:39:00

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