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- Sansha's vision must never be lost. Sansha's dream is to build a a new Paradise where every citizen ...2010.05.22 14:52:00
- Shooting it...Most weapon types fire ammunition at the target. Whether these could survive the force ...2010.05.22 14:40:00
- Am I hearing an echo in here? ...2010.05.22 14:18:00
- I keep seeing claims of..."They killed the thinkers, etc..." Well then, tell me when it happened. Pr ...2010.05.21 22:40:00
- I am Nikiruu.Identify. Who is Nikiruu? State your purpose. ...2010.05.21 12:43:00
- Shikobo, maybe they want us to find the meaning of this message and maybe it is part of a deceptio ...2010.05.21 12:18:00
- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!Can I have some of that booster you're abusing? It looks and sounds like a f ...2010.05.21 08:51:00
- Unity is freedom.Does not compute.We are transcendents - Nation is infinite.This remains to be prove ...2010.05.21 08:45:00
- I am beginning to doubt the worth of these 'puzzles' Nation are giving us.Really, all Nation would h ...2010.05.21 08:36:00
- Nation is - after all - infinite.I think I don't just speak for myself when I say:Challenge accepted ...2010.05.20 21:05:00
- Quite simple. Your own society is on a collision course with itself. Given enough time the various ...2010.05.20 20:53:00
- I've been toying with this.Does the word/name "Dorgiers" mean anything to anyone?According to this G ...2010.05.20 14:25:00
- One...more sheep adds himself to the list of the damned.There is always another fool willing to damn ...2010.05.20 14:16:00
- In short this means your purpose is to lead yourself to your own destruction and that is what it's a ...2010.05.20 12:58:00
- On the contrary, you're killing yourself by being yourself before thinking of the greater purpose. ...2010.05.20 12:49:00

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