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- ditto ...2011.07.05 12:32:00
- Just lolz, you know, quality work needs some time? If CCP would just release quick garbage, most p ...2011.07.01 18:38:00
- That would leave things balanced, and people could do the activity they liked, not decide what to d ...2009.07.06 17:44:00
- At 12 millions skills points... you shoudn't be in a battleship. Especially a minmatar one. One of ...2009.06.11 16:08:00
- Just remembered people with worthless English degrees need to do it in order to justify their wasted ...2009.06.11 15:48:00
- Edited by: Flying ZombieJesus on 28/05/2009 18:59:16 Theres your skill curveLOL brilliant! ...2009.05.28 19:30:00
- Pfft, the solution exists and should have been obvious to you from your own outburst... ...leaving ...2009.05.27 16:31:00
- Edited by: Ohmebius on 14/05/2009 18:12:21 Your whines make no sense with the ending of your essay ...2009.05.14 18:12:00
- As Malc keeps pointing out: salvage is not a part of the mission rewards.As a mission runner, you al ...2009.05.08 11:22:00
- Edited by: Ohmebius on 08/05/2009 11:19:42 just tried my first lvl 4 mission. all salvage stolen by ...2009.05.08 11:16:00
- Edited by: Ohmebius on 08/06/2008 19:16:54 title says it all. need a quick secure sale 30 days 16 ...2008.06.08 18:58:00
- then where's the point in giving the "me and my fleet" option? ...2008.04.03 10:19:00
- JUST PERM BAN ANYONE INVOLVED! the tracking of is not a huge challenge, find a isk seller, trave tra ...2008.03.17 01:35:00
- have searched the site and find plenty of links and discussions of code but none simply stating what ...2008.02.29 17:12:00

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