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- Character is never used, Created in 2008 and skills can be seen under : ...2011.04.05 16:00:00
- Fun corp , Great pvper's , should really look into the channel guys ! , could become a nice force so ...2011.01.27 22:05:00
- Back to the top we go on this wonderful day still lookin for people to pew pew with and make loads i ...2010.04.29 15:09:00
- Back up to the Top we go alot more spaces open come and be a part of the family today :) ...2010.04.28 13:29:00
- LOYAL ORDER OF BACCHUS Yes, That is our name and we are currently recruiting wether you are new or ...2010.04.27 10:46:00
- If This Is True Then It is un acceptable tbh I'd Like to have a chat with you Kalius After DT If You ...2010.02.06 11:16:00
- Nice Vid Mate Shows Some People Out there still Honour Ransoms atleast Love The Triage Carrier Par ...2010.01.01 21:28:00
- see they fixed my face :( ...2009.08.03 00:23:00
- Well Mine is the Curse lots lots kills and engagements and not one loss ...2009.07.09 11:41:00
- Hey Eve,Right I got this problem I am -4.40 Sec Status...and i got isk to get a mission ship and all ...2009.05.01 21:40:00
- What Can I Offer??30mill SP All PvP PvP Expirience A Mature Team PlayerI Mostly Fly:Caldari = Falc ...2009.03.19 12:56:00
- -Dude, your Face.. -- Forum Post (need URL, skyflyer post) HereNot sooo funny anymore since they ...2008.12.19 23:25:00
- gotta say gotta have some balls to bring out da kronos aswell when its obvious bait!!! Really enjoyn ...2008.10.27 02:04:00
- Do i have a face or not.....c/d???nybody help me ...2008.10.25 22:43:00
- Ive been lookin around the forum and didnt really find any new threads bout solo/small gang pvp pilg ...2008.10.25 22:20:00

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