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- There are a lot of things to consider regarding this idear.Fist of all i would say that the lack of ...2008.09.30 12:37:00
- I have an idea for the overview--If one of the options for columns in the Overview Settings could be ...2008.09.25 14:45:00
- This is a nifty idea. They'll never do it because it's a good idea and they didn't think of it.That ...2008.06.07 20:37:00
- Is BoB really so diffrent from every other alliance in the game.What mattered to most people was tha ...2008.04.19 22:05:00
- I think its a bad idear over all.The problem is not the price of the POS, the problem is that sovere ...2008.02.01 07:49:00
- Edited by: Cerina Natal on 23/12/2007 14:50:11 Having a TD disrupt an entire guns would be almost a ...2007.12.23 14:47:00
- One note I'd like to make is about the idea many seem to have regarding sending in marines/soldiers/ ...2007.11.26 15:16:00
- First i would propose that we take a look at the current consepts of the game and compare them with ...2007.11.26 08:53:00
- Before anyone makes any assumptions about this thread. This is in no way an effort to try and allow ...2007.11.23 09:14:00
- Sry If this suggestion already is in the pile but what about an autopilot operation skill (AOS)? wit ...2007.11.23 08:32:00
- Yes. What is the roleplaying reason for this?I think I understand the gameplay balance reason, but n ...2007.11.23 08:28:00
- It alwayes had a similar problem not sure if it was 100% CPU but client does have a problem at the l ...2007.11.23 08:18:00
- I will give you that the Moa model is an abomination of nature. But insted of discussing wether or n ...2007.11.23 08:10:00
- I'm assuming they took it off the industrial core? If so, they need to add something else to the cor ...2007.11.23 07:52:00
- So why are TD and RSD less effective then ECM.They are used for diffrent things. You fit a RD when ...2007.11.20 16:47:00

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