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- 1 to eatingyak please ...2010.12.28 23:02:00
- 1 to eatingyak please ...2010.12.28 22:36:00
- Hi, it was good fun meeting the RONIN/Bobbits! I'm glad my character name was so amusing :PAnd thank ...2008.03.03 23:01:00
- I finally got round to installing Homeworld 2 this week and I'm surprised to see how dated the graph ...2008.02.25 20:47:00
- Gayintake told me that Ti Nsi will be going, I can't wait to meet an internet celebrity with good ta ...2008.02.24 14:54:00
- It's in my diary =) ...2008.02.17 09:24:00
- I've been thinking about moving to Dubai for work, as long as there isn't too much internet censorsh ...2008.02.03 22:06:00
- Congrats Mes, I'll keep an eye on your killboad more often ;) KT ...2008.01.17 23:35:00
- Happy birthday Huzzah and congrats on going from strength to strength in Syndicate!When NOQ had just ...2008.01.12 17:25:00
- Thanks to Foot and FM-C for my time in Stain. Best of luck with your future fights, I'm rooting for ...2007.12.27 00:48:00
- I'll wear the Eve babydoll top I got from Fanfest... when else can I geek out wearing that? :DP.S. T ...2007.11.19 23:58:00
- You know you have an open invite to come back any time you like ? Thanks Olex, that means a lot. G ...2007.11.09 00:42:00
- Edited by: eatingyak on 09/11/2007 01:39:12 Thanks for a fantastic time CCP! Highlights were Glaumb ...2007.11.09 00:16:00
- Congrats! Glad to hear you're having more fun than ever flying with groups in Syndicate. Miss you gu ...2007.11.08 01:04:00
- So far I know noone else, apart from the dude who was with me, but I was the one who showed him the ...2007.10.10 21:29:00

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