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- Ugh. I swear, looking at the summit is like going to church... ...2008.01.20 04:02:00
- Join a real Caldari Navy-oriented corporation and ditch the Academy. Get in on something big. Get so ...2007.12.29 19:48:00
- CONCORD is doing a survey on whether the people of the EVE cluster consider sex work or play.The CON ...2007.12.29 19:08:00
- I'm surprised to see sane business principles so ardently embraced by a matari business institution, ...2007.12.13 20:35:00
- A "heavy interdictor"? Impressive. It goes without saying that for every one of these ships you make ...2007.12.13 00:11:00
- I don't know who Bob is, but I don't think it'll take a whole corporation to kill him. ...2007.12.13 00:07:00

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