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- Why in the hell would you care what your dad thinks? And if he's angry at the summit why would he be ...2011.06.29 16:32:00
- To kick the ass of an advanced people despite using technology that is little better then chucking a ...2011.05.15 06:02:00
- It's good to see the fine art of investigative journalism hasn't died yet. Clearly, everything here ...2011.01.11 08:46:00
- Now I see the downside to immortality, forever with the terrible images. Outside of that, I wasn't a ...2011.01.05 11:40:00
- Sorry for intruding on.... whatever the hell is going on here. I just have one quick question then I ...2010.11.13 22:26:00
- People die all the time. What's a few more? ...2010.11.04 02:08:00
- There is nothing "fascist" about hanging traitors. Might I remind folk that public execution is very ...2010.10.30 13:38:00
- Ha, now all those mortals will be safe. So many for their pilot to contemplate sending them to. Will ...2010.10.23 23:05:00
- Now now, it seems Blake was being perfectly polite, no need to be standoffish.Tell me how the statio ...2010.10.19 12:42:00
- Edited by: Goshien Aiel on 16/10/2010 14:27:22 5 for this guy. Cause I'm a sucker for gambling. ...2010.10.16 14:04:00
- These values are simple: live or die, win or loseSomething sensible for once. If only the rest of th ...2010.10.16 12:27:00
- So can run off at any time but doesn't? Don't sound like a wise use of isk. Not to mention regular s ...2010.10.06 18:19:00
- My list is neither a farce nor agression towards your alliance in particular. It is a public infor ...2010.06.12 03:21:00
- Yes and what evidence do you have to support this claim that I have offered my support?You seem to h ...2010.06.11 04:24:00
- Yes and what evidence do you have to support this claim that I have offered my support? ...2010.06.11 03:02:00

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