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- Loved the blog and would appreciate more of this type.Edited by: Black Dranzer on 11/12/2010 19:29:2 ...2010.12.12 02:57:00
- Edited by: Chssmius on 23/05/2010 18:35:31 I think you're responding to my fail post a few days bac ...2010.05.23 18:34:00
- CCP Tanis i've got a serious question (even if it might sound stupid =)): isnt there a way to use ba ...2010.04.18 17:44:00
- Edited by: Chssmius on 01/04/2010 03:54:05This is fairly close to my rough estimations (I didn't ass ...2010.04.01 03:53:00
- I don't know why people are wildly speculating, the swings yesterday were knee-jerk silly.According ...2010.03.31 17:42:00
- I think speculators are under estimating by just how much demand is currently inflated because of th ...2010.03.31 17:10:00
- I believe this may be an ID error of the 10T variety. ... :cough: ...-----Assuming you order buy ...2010.03.29 16:15:00
- Just me or is there very little you can do with large sums of isk apart from spending it? That gener ...2010.03.23 06:17:00
- Many thanks for the responses.I never knew about the insurance exchange rate ...Fixed it for you. ...2010.03.23 03:39:00
- In all honesty the biggest imbalance in EVE (for risk vs reward) is level 4 missions. Sure the insu ...2010.03.23 03:17:00
- The richest people in EVE are the ones that have the biggest smile on their face while they play thi ...2010.03.23 03:10:00
- Two of my class mates at my first college tried to get me to play, but I was hesitant at the time.Gr ...2010.03.17 04:29:00
- I'm trying to learn how to trade, so my questions are pretty basic right now.I'm trying to figure ou ...2010.03.12 20:50:00
- Scam.I think that would take up too much time, actually. The most monetarily effective and least ri ...2010.03.12 06:21:00
- Edited by: Chssmius on 10/03/2010 08:16:38 I almost never under/over cut by .01 more fun to change ...2010.03.10 08:10:00

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