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- last bump of the day. ...2010.05.29 18:06:00
- Hi, I've 36mill sp in pure PVP but I think I want to leave that behind for a while and try something ...2010.05.29 13:56:00
- hi, long time toon thats considering coming back after 3 years playing pvp but I think im weary of t ...2010.05.29 04:48:00
- the soundtracks too, god I love my PSP pulse version a ...2008.04.03 00:56:00
- hmm, ****e at graphics, ****e at spelling. You've nothing going for you. ...2008.04.02 15:48:00
- heres the benefits the ps3:Upgradable 2.5" hard-drive - this wont invalidate your warranty - its plu ...2008.04.01 06:39:00
- Edited by: 3rdD Dave on 31/03/2008 22:43:23 For gawds sake, the argument that the PS3 has no games ...2008.03.31 22:42:00
- So i can just read the journal detail about the mission then do nothing if i wish not to do it?And a ...2008.03.26 23:08:00
- Which is better, a lv3 Q10 agent or a lv4 -17 agent?Can i talk to the agent, see what his mission is ...2008.03.26 07:16:00
- Just so you PS3 fanbois know, M$ will not be using Blue-Ray Ever.Their Loss. MS are idiots if they t ...2008.03.23 14:49:00
- Same here. Im taking an extended break. I wont be resubbing in 8 days times. Eve has lost it polish ...2008.03.23 13:05:00
- fixed it, found some reg tweaks and now I can run it at full res with dynamic lights on. Problem is ...2008.03.23 13:04:00
- well im amazed. How the hell was this game released? The amount of bugs it has is astonishing. My ni ...2008.03.22 22:40:00
- I have to chip in. The xb360 was released a year in advance of the PS3 theres IT BLOODY SHOULD HAVE ...2008.03.22 22:35:00
- Eve being complicated doesn't mean its better. The word "better" is subjective, and if EVEs 300k sub ...2008.03.19 00:23:00

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