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- I'd love to see certain areas of 0.0 more dynamic in nature. Example randomly spawning anomalies tha ...2011.08.03 18:02:00
- played since 2003, the game I create for myself in eve never gives me the feeling the op describes, ...2010.12.29 01:25:00
- well the can of worms is open reminds me of the war in Iraq. The security minister trying to convinc ...2010.12.14 19:16:00
- This us and them mentality makes me laugh my ass off. At the heart of most arguments about high sec, ...2010.02.13 02:28:00
- cookie for you......... seriously though well done, I like your positive spirit and the fact you hav ...2010.01.19 00:38:00
- I think ninja salvagers are quite cool. I actually feel a bit left out here I've ran level 4's for a ...2009.10.18 18:59:00

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