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- The minutes have been repeatedly delayed because we're in discussions with CCP regarding the tone of ...2011.08.28 13:55:00
- I'm just waiting for them to put a collection of new doors in the NEX. I'd like something in wood I ...2011.07.30 14:03:00
- A few reasons I can think of...The new UI changes are laggy and unresponsive but CCP refuse to ackno ...2011.07.30 04:27:00
- Edited by: Ikserak tai on 15/07/2011 20:01:15 Was it increments of 1 million or MINIMUM increments ...2011.07.15 19:58:00
- Bid on an auction, which was at 8m, and had increments of 1m. I bid 9m, and then a was outbid by a 9 ...2011.07.15 13:37:00
- The OP and others who have fleshed out the details are on the mark. A lot of people want to belong s ...2011.07.12 19:08:00
- I've said this before, but here it is again.If something like the Incarna debacle was perpetrated by ...2011.07.06 19:27:00
- Oh I already did. I just feel like yelling at CCP for a bit since they're idiots and it makes me fee ...2011.07.05 16:51:00
- Agree with OP, number 2 especially. This "expansion" will forever be known as "the Incarna Disaster" ...2011.06.26 15:48:00
- To he// with invention. I've gone about 1/25 in the last six months. Random my butt. If you put in 6 ...2011.06.25 14:31:00
- Incarna, meh. I'd really prefer the avatar be on the balcony overlooking the active ship as the defa ...2011.06.23 04:40:00
- My avatar was so beat looking he couldn't sneak up on a mirror with a cloaking device.I checked into ...2011.06.22 16:38:00
- Heavy Missiles V. Goodbye big buck Arbies, hello T2 Furies. ...2011.06.21 14:55:00
- Thanks all, I'll give it a whirl. Recently my invention success has been a crap shoot, so what the h ...2011.06.20 18:46:00
- I just had a whim to start some invention jobs prior to the patch, all of which won't be completed u ...2011.06.20 17:34:00

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