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- EVEMissionary can show your stats using the API, and shows relationships between factions and NPC co ...2011.05.21 23:27:00
- Edited by: orangeFool on 21/05/2011 23:19:28 ... So does anyone remeber with whom (except minmatar) ...2011.05.21 23:19:00
- Crap, I didn't realize this was a policy. And here I had my guys making new DED complexes for the la ...2011.02.25 18:09:00
- Not much going on in Noghere. Charmerout two jumps away has Federal Adminstration but that will be m ...2011.02.12 12:16:00
- "Same station" is a bit of an ask. For wider "same system" there is Ishukone Watch (Korama system); ...2011.01.23 14:26:00
- Go to Gallente Federation and browse the corps. FedMart, TransStellar Shipping, Federal Freight or I ...2011.01.17 22:36:00
- 3. I mainly got sec status with amarr so I'm looking into agents for them, if anyone got some advice ...2011.01.17 21:02:00
- Edited by: orangeFool on 17/01/2011 20:45:32 Please post any additions or comments on threads below ...2011.01.17 20:45:00
- See Republic Fleet for a list of all agents grouped by region/system or Republic Security Services. ...2011.01.15 14:44:00
- I suggest a Rupture for level 2 and a Hurricane for level 3 - i think the ships are more fun for mis ...2010.12.29 12:46:00
- EVEMissionary ( is a new site to help mission runners find agents.You ...2010.12.23 16:07:00
- Nice one. ...2010.10.18 18:27:00
- I have been working on an agent finder and general explore site ( and ...2010.10.17 20:52:00
- Nice blog, thanks for making it. Inspired me to do some exploration today. ...2010.07.04 11:21:00
- Could you please add an additional column of permissions for certifcates to allow corp mates to see ...2010.07.02 16:25:00

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