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- You complain to your wife about how many million isk the rubbish food you've just bought at a show/e ...2011.09.03 06:36:00
- Ok, so in theory, they remove ice from high sec. The empire corps doing research stop cos they won't ...2011.08.15 18:08:00
- Still dead, I'm in Asesamy and get "17:04:54 Info The Market is not ready at the moment. Please try ...2011.07.23 17:05:00
- Tranquility; ok (5,214 players)I'm not one of those 5,214 - UK :( ...2011.07.05 12:42:00
- Excellent Service, everything went smoothly.Would definitely use Uber Pie again if the need arose :) ...2011.06.25 16:12:00
- would perfer farscape techonologySorry, I've got my name down for that one, just waiting for confirm ...2011.06.23 07:14:00
- X - tried it, looked at it and got bored, waste of time as it is. ...2011.06.22 18:59:00
- Can you confirm the sale of Farscape Technology please :) ...2011.06.22 16:13:00
- Isk sent and character applied is Gi GanticThanksEmma ...2011.06.22 05:05:00
- Thx Uber, it'll be tomorrow before I get the mail since the server isn't due to be up before I retir ...2011.06.21 19:01:00
- I'd like to know the price tag, but you know what they say "If you have to ask..." There ya go ...2011.06.20 20:19:00
- Seriously - who the hell cares that you're quitting Eve is a grown-ups game, not for pre-pubescent k ...2011.06.20 20:02:00
- Hi, I'm interested in 'Farscape Technology' (Available June 24th)Can you confirm availability and wh ...2011.06.20 16:39:00
- I've seen it all now, CCP profiteering from the people who help their players.Here's a hint CCP, tak ...2011.06.19 13:20:00
- go up to FD-MLJ (or wherever it is), things are seeded there at 100isk iirc ...2010.12.05 11:59:00

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