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- I support this. I don't need the cutscenes, even though they would be nice as long as you could skip ...2011.07.04 23:08:00
- Oh wow thanks Menacemyth, I didn't know about about adjusting the sliders and I was wondering how we ...2010.04.23 05:22:00
- I'm hoping that we see alot of options in setting up the contract. I mean that we don't just see 10 ...2009.09.06 07:56:00
- This a feature that "accidently" went active with the patch and the devs have decided to leave turne ...2006.08.25 02:39:00
- Total crap, this is far to big a change to game mechanics for it to have gone through unannounced wi ...2006.08.23 21:04:00
- Signed, I love the Arby and would welcome a BS version. ...2006.08.01 20:17:00

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