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- Don't transport your stuff in a Rifter, free bump for lucky corpmate! ...2010.12.31 08:43:00
- 150mill for the 2nd hull+rigs, don't need the fittings...If not, haggle and take the free bump. ...2010.12.30 16:28:00
- Dread Guristas Statis Webifier 2x 25m eachto me please.. ...2010.12.30 15:49:00
- - Dread Webber 27.5mil - Dread Webber 27.5milI offer 50m for the two... ...2010.12.19 09:39:00
- 4x True Sansha Adaptive Nano Plating (5m/ea)To me pls ...2010.11.14 16:17:00
- Although what res are u frapsing at tho on the dual core ?1600x900 usually running two clients windo ...2010.10.27 07:32:00
- I get decent framerates in Fraps even on a older Core 2 Duo 2.6ghz, 4gb Ram, 8800GT. I have 2 x 250g ...2010.10.27 07:09:00
- o/ Norsey ...2010.10.26 12:55:00
- I tried this (thanks to Google): Dynamic Memory to 0 and Max Threads to 1, and it worked, then I jus ...2010.10.26 09:01:00
- Got it done but the darn wmv is 1.1gb... I guess 1600x1080 90% quality was a bit much. Thanks for th ...2010.10.25 18:57:00
- So last night we had a nice little fight with TCF. I grabbed about 29gb of Fraps footage. Opened a n ...2010.10.25 08:04:00
- 36 D. Guristas Stasis Webifier - 2 units 25 mil/eachTo me please, should accept around 19:00 Eve Tim ...2010.10.05 14:07:00
- Nitsu even has a million cyno alts to help you get around ...2010.09.23 08:22:00
- Ow wow you guys still exist..I remember killing Light Darkness's carrier in Great Wildlands years ag ...2010.09.21 19:46:00
- So it's not solo, so he uses a hauler alt for cap booster drops etc. Don't care, love Garmon's vids ...2010.09.16 14:46:00

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