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- CCP took the time to add a Pilot License tab to the Character Sheet but why oh why does it not tell ...2011.04.21 01:26:00
- There's a CORE CERTIFICATES section and it lists it from basic to elite. If i trained everything a ...2011.02.04 23:43:00
- my sp/hour is low? i USED to have some pretty good learning skills. but that's gone now. how can i b ...2011.02.01 23:09:00
- I also agree on boosting the Drones skills a bit. At the very least, get Drone Navigation and Sharps ...2011.01.02 16:24:00
- I'd say the best choice for any fleet fighter pilot would be Leadership for the sole reason that you ...2010.11.27 16:59:00
- Knee Anderthal,160,149,145,129,116,106,88,6,45,52 ...2010.11.21 01:15:00
- Edited by: Knee Anderthal on 18/11/2010 04:01:52 Edited by: Knee Anderthal on 18/11/2010 03:59:19 ...2010.11.18 03:17:00
- Which of the following Int/Mem skills would you recommend training to IV before I remap to Per/Wil? ...2010.11.18 01:58:00
- They did. They were called Titans. They got nerfed. ...2010.10.31 17:56:00
- This would make EVE Gate useful. ...2010.10.31 17:32:00
- I can see it now. CCP has the opportunity to usurp Zynga's grasp on the entire Facebook community.EV ...2010.10.05 11:30:00
- I use this app every day, both for character tracking and reading the blogs. I would happily lend mo ...2010.10.05 01:54:00
- As an addendum, it would also be nice to see the summed volume of multiple objects selected together ...2010.10.02 17:39:00
- Bumping and supporting. Please give your thoughts. ...2010.09.27 01:47:00
- I've seen that CCP is adding a meta column to Detail and List view. What I would like to see is a vo ...2010.09.19 02:37:00

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