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- This is definately not discussing anything to do with known issues. Moving to Out of Pod - Karass ...2007.06.24 03:58:00
- My condolences to family, friends, and to those that knew him. ...2007.06.01 06:04:00
- Mmmm bree.... Alexander Kieths, or LaBatts? :D ...2007.05.30 22:18:00
- Please keep name calling and sniping IC enemies through OOC at a minimum. This is not tolerated in t ...2007.05.30 01:59:00
- Thats quite enough. Please remain on-topic regarding SiSi issues, or please use the main thread to d ...2007.05.27 18:04:00
- Please do not bump the threads more than once a day. Thanks! ...2007.05.25 23:59:00
- ((Please remain on-topic. Any further sniping and jabs between PIE and Star Fraction posters that ar ...2007.05.23 18:11:00
- ((Please remain on topic regarding the siege of Unity station. While the current conflict in the Dom ...2007.05.06 16:06:00
- ((Please remain on-topic, further off-topic posting and sideline sniping at posters will be modded. ...2007.05.06 13:52:00
- ((Due to the very borderline flamebait nature of the OP, I have decided to leave the thread open whi ...2007.04.29 22:14:00
- The Communications Relay Committee has detected and has made investigations regarding a hit at one o ...2007.04.29 16:20:00
- Blatant off-topic posts removed. Please remain strictly on-topic regarding the Intaki Union policy c ...2007.04.23 15:57:00
- I understand that this is a heated debate over a controversial topic, however I would request that e ...2007.04.22 21:43:00
- ((Thread thoroughly cleaned from all manners of off-topic, trolling, and sideline sniping posts. Ple ...2007.04.18 15:07:00

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