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- Thank you Dedaf! ...2011.05.28 15:51:00
- I would be interested in speaking with a senior member, please evemail me ingame or convo me when I ...2009.07.03 15:38:00
- Thanks for doing it, though. I might have fallen for it otherwise. See now this guy's posts are a ...2008.09.03 21:38:00
- So I contacted Amarr Citizen over a month ago and bought fuel. I mailed him a few days ago and req ...2008.01.31 19:59:00
- Edited by: Aleksi Maksimovich on 30/01/2008 05:11:40 Isk to me pleaseBO Offers welcomeAs mentioned ...2008.01.30 05:10:00
- always glad to be of servicethings are humming along as usual, still recruiting! ...2008.01.28 05:14:00
- how much roughly should I expect per run for ME-1 ME-2 ME-3any help would be appreciated!thanks gu ...2008.01.27 06:27:00
- Hey guys Aleksi here, quick update on fuel deliveries!Due to the raw volume of quotes I've recieved ...2008.01.27 04:15:00
- Edited by: Aleksi Maksimovich on 24/01/2008 04:04:32 Hi Guys!Quotes being sent out tonight, you'll ...2008.01.24 04:00:00
- I endorse this guy 100%Not only is he very prompt on contact (our deal is already done!) but he's a ...2008.01.21 23:22:00
- Edited by: Aleksi Maksimovich on 21/01/2008 22:48:46 please contact me in gamewtb 10-20 max run tho ...2008.01.21 22:35:00
- Daily Bump ...2008.01.21 18:35:00
- Edited by: Aleksi Maksimovich on 21/01/2008 00:13:12 My knocked up m8 aside, still in business ...2008.01.21 00:12:00
- I would also like to hire you on a perminant basis.Contact me in game and we can work out details. ...2008.01.20 08:33:00
- Hey guys, if you requested a quote on delivery to Hibi we have to appologise your name got lost when ...2008.01.20 08:08:00

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