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- They could use hard caps I guess but then that would make taking 0.0 impossible. All the defender ...2008.08.02 08:30:00
- I just can not understand why with such prevalent issues with a large scale combat system they encou ...2008.08.02 08:26:00
- Not that anyone will receive it as truth given the timing of my post but im more furious with CCP fo ...2008.08.02 08:20:00
- Im not actually sure how to determine how many players are involved in holding space, i guess you co ...2008.08.02 08:18:00
- Edited by: Jin Hawk on 02/08/2008 08:16:22 I said the end, not the death. there will be no re-anima ...2008.08.02 08:15:00
- Well CCP you've done it. You just put Eve Online DEEP into hull. Whats the biggest problem Eve Onlin ...2008.08.02 08:13:00
- Edited by: Jin Hawk on 11/09/2007 22:24:19 yea as soon as the servers are up I think i will hit the ...2007.09.11 22:24:00
- hmmm seems like every direction I look I find an ISK sink =/. well.....I noticed someone is selling ...2007.09.11 20:08:00
- Yes i do see what your saying. Over the two years I've played my play time has fluctuated greatly. I ...2007.09.11 19:45:00
- Thank you everyone that chimed in. I'm wondering, is it worth it to try and get my hands on all the ...2007.09.11 18:27:00
- Wow, well ive spent a few hours today reading through these threads and took a lot in. I understand ...2007.09.11 08:18:00
- Hi everyone o/, i've been playing eve for a few years now and have finally amassed a Billion Isk. Th ...2007.09.11 07:23:00
- This is what I came up with using a POS planner, If someone in the know about this type of thing can ...2007.07.21 15:32:00
- Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some help in the planning of my first small tower in null sec. I a ...2007.07.21 15:14:00

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