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- SF and Daisho, I suggest you run your diplomacy in private rather than on IGS. ...2010.04.13 06:49:00
- And in Gallente areas there's this tiny thing called Consent.....I didn't think 8-year-old boys we ...2010.04.13 06:36:00
- What's wrong with slavery?Just like Jade Constantine has never chained someone to a wall, beaten the ...2010.04.12 23:07:00
- Funnily enough, this has crossed my desk.As always, forum propoganda doesn't say the half of the sto ...2010.04.12 18:06:00
- Yes, all because of ...2010.03.09 00:48:00
- What I asked 11b to do is do what they'd been doing but allow the alliance to direct it. I also indi ...2010.03.08 17:00:00
- Edited by: Sapphrine on 08/03/2010 10:03:11 Edited by: Sapphrine on 08/03/2010 09:57:26 Pylse > s ...2010.03.08 09:56:00
- 11b leadership, particularly whoever is feeding conlin his lines, kindly think carefully if you'd li ...2010.03.08 09:50:00
- A respectable response from Sapphrine.Just try to stay inside the POS shields in the future b ...2010.03.07 01:03:00
- 11b, enjoy your new found freedom, it has become quite obvious over the past months that you were no ...2010.03.06 17:50:00
- Anduin, read internal forums and stfu. ...2010.03.04 14:59:00
- U'K posters, less trolling, more ignoring. Sure the OP is being a tard but just let his stupidity st ...2010.03.02 13:09:00
- OP, I agree this thread needs a lock. Please go back and re-read the history of u'k, the history in ...2010.03.01 20:57:00
- I can tell you what i'm going to say about the u'k smacking CH in this thread. Read up on your histo ...2010.03.01 09:54:00
- If all u'k can refrain from continuing the idiocy of a discussion of our ROE with enemies that inten ...2010.03.01 00:14:00

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