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- Calculated out the stacking penalties hurt the idea of putting a DCU on there. The extra Cap/shield ...2006.07.23 20:44:00
- Yeah, I ended up losing her to a well played game against IAC, but now that I am out of the tourny I ...2006.07.23 19:59:00
- I'd be down for a post tourny pilot review. Would be interesting to hear different people's take on ...2006.07.23 00:47:00
- Duurrr....... ...2006.02.26 23:58:00
- If the Caldari are supposed to be based on Birds, why do they always have gimped wings? Look at the ...2006.01.15 17:23:00
- didn't happen........ ...2005.11.07 17:00:00
- Nice work, I would voice some critiques, but they seem to be covered and I understand that A) it's a ...2005.11.01 16:44:00
- Yes, it seems you have been trying to fight BoB, atleast you have saved us from trying to catch you ...2005.10.28 03:40:00
- Edited by: Cyranus on 27/10/2005 19:43:12 ...2005.10.27 19:36:00
- Edited by: Cyranus on 27/10/2005 17:34:02 To incur maximum losses they would have to stop failing a ...2005.10.27 17:31:00
- No, Cyranus is not any better than Honor Harrington or Jack O'Niel......atleast the first time they ...2005.10.27 17:16:00
- I engage groups of cruisers and pairs of HACs with this:Hi: 4x e500 or diminishing NOS 2xAnti-frig ...2005.10.27 04:29:00

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